About Us

In every part of the world, no matter what level in the corporate ladder, no matter what sort of business you are running, and no matter what field or profession you are in, the challenges faced by people are the same. From getting the right path for your business, finding the right job, to relationships with colleagues and leadership in the workplace, the challenges are the same because we are all essentially looking for the same things in life - happiness, peace, wealth, positive relationships and so on.

What We Do

This site is a social network with a purpose ... a new way to link with people all over the world to make life better for one another by guiding one another on how to overcome workplace or business challenges. We know that just knowing the answers can give you peace of mind.  But when the answers are shared step by step, through the twists and turns of the challenge, both participants in the relationship increase clarity about how to solve the problem, and have a better chance at solving it.

So join us today as a guide, as an associate, or both, and become part of an online, faith-guided social solution revolution.

Play a part in making someone's life better

By joining this site as a Guide, you commit to giving something back to society by playing a part in making someone's life better. This is a role for people who have overcome workplace and business challenges, people with the knowledge and experience from their own life experience, can, and are willing to share their knowledge and understanding with others who are still in the middle of working through those same challenges. The best part is, you are working directly with an individual and can see how they progress with the guidance you provide, and you will eventually experience the satisfaction of knowing that you have played a part in changing someone’s life for the better.

  • Register with YuAndIConsult.com as a Guide and share your valuable experience, knowledge and wisdom with someone that is going through the challenges of life and needs all the help they can get.
  • Remain, or become a significant contributor to society and have a way to give back by guiding someone step by step through a challenge they are facing, in an area that you are good at and have experience with.
  • All you need is an internet connection, your valuable experience and knowledge, and your time.  We will provide this forum where you can choose exaclty whom to help, how many to help at a time (up to a maximum of 3), how often you will chat of the forum's message board, and what you will help them with.  You will be able to do all this without exposing your contacts or location.
  • Even if there is no Associate that needs help in your areas of strength right now, do not give up.  Someone will come for help sooner or later.  Please keep checking your profile for messages from Associates seeking your guidance.


Give yourself a chance at a better life - find someone to give you clarity and peace of mind about how you will overcome your current challenge

By joining this site as an Associate, you commit to making your life better and the lives of those you love better. You expand the scope of possible solutions you can get.  You open your life to receive the advice of someone who knows and is willing to take the time to chat with you at every step and guide you through the twists and turns… until you overcome that challenge. … And when you are an expert yourself, you can also give guidance to someone else by becoming a guide in your areas of strength, as you grow stronger and stronger along the way, and life gets better with each challenge you overcome for someone else or for yourself.

Challenges you can address here

By joining this site, you will address the following challenges in the workplace and in business (if there is challenge you would like included, please write to us at: comments@yuandiconsult.com):

Category Area
  • Working in a Team
  • Relationship with Superiors
  • Relationships with Colleagues
  • Relationships with Clients
  • Relationships with Vendors
  • Managing Teams
  • Leadership Skills
  • Accountability
  • Performance Management
  • Business Startup
  • Income Generation and Management
  • Marketing
Life Skills
  • Life Path
  • Career Choices & Talent/Skills Alignment
  • Career Management and Advancement
  • Work Environment
  • Integrity and Life values in the work or business environment
  • Work/Life Balance
  • Time Management
  • Financial Management














YuandIconsult.com … where every person has a role to play in making life better for someone else.

Ophelia Swai is an Information Technology professional with over 12 years of experience in her field both as an employee and as a business owner. Having faced many of the challenges of both the corporate and the business world, and learned extensively about how to tackle those challenges, Ophelia Swai seeks to give something back to society. Knowing that she does not have all the answers, Ophelia Swai is giving back by creating this forum that provides an enabling environment for those of similar inclination or spirit, to give guidance to those who need it - in effect multiplying the opportunity for giving help to those who need it most. Find out more at Ophelia Swai's Blog

Through giving and receiving online, it is our hope that when you use this site, you will benefit from being part of a caring, giving community where every workplace or business challenge faced is an opportunity to help make someone's life better, one step at a time - making life ever more like life would be in the Garden of Eden.

Come ... walk with me in the Garden.